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Do you want to be sure your car is road ready with high quality tires? Wheel and Tire World is a tire shop in Pueblo, CO that has years of experience serving the community with the best parts available for a variety of vehicles. From wheel service, tire repair, lift kits and much more, we have what you are looking for. Our staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Let us help you find the best and most affordable tires and more for your cars and trucks. For a great service in Pueblo, CO, call on Wheel and Tire World.


Anything can happen while you’re driving, especially to your tires. You might run over a nail in the road and puncture your tire treads. When your tires need repair, you want to be assured they’ll be fixed quickly and properly. Wheel and Tire World offers comprehensive tire repair. Once we thoroughly inspect your car’s tires and determine that repair is the most suitable option for your car, our main goal is to get your tires restored as soon as possible, with maximum care taken to assure the repairs are done properly. We ensure that each repaired tire will be filled with an appropriate vulcanizing material, after which we will apply a patch to complete the repair. Once your tires have been repaired, you can drive assured that your car will ride smoothly and properly.
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Whether you’re an owner of a car or a truck, lowering your vehicle comes with its own unique appeal. In either case, a lot of handiwork is required to lower your car’s ride height, which may include installing a new suspension, shocks, and a sway bar. There are several advantages to lowering your vehicle, including better handling and increased turning stability. If you’re interested in lowering your vehicle’s ride height, you may want expert assistance. Wheel and Tire World offers high-quality lowering kits and professional installation. From cars to trucks, our team of experts can find the right gear for you, and even install it at a low price. When your vehicle comes off the installation board, we guarantee it will not only look slick, but also handle better with improved aerodynamics.
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