Our Services

Anything can happen while you’re driving, especially to your tires. You might run over a nail in the road and puncture your tire treads. When your tires need repair, you want to be assured they’ll be fixed quickly and properly. Wheel and Tire World offers comprehensive tire repair. Once we thoroughly inspect your car’s tires and determine that repair is the most suitable option for your car, our main goal is to get your tires restored as soon as possible, with maximum care taken to assure the repairs are done properly. We ensure that each repaired tire will be filled with an appropriate vulcanizing material, after which we will apply a patch to complete the repair. Once your tires have been repaired, you can drive assured that your car will ride smoothly and properly.

Whether you’re an owner of a car or a truck, lowering your vehicle comes with its own unique appeal. In either case, a lot of handiwork is required to lower your car’s ride height, which may include installing a new suspension, shocks, and a sway bar. There are several advantages to lowering your vehicle, including better handling and increased turning stability. If you’re interested in lowering your vehicle’s ride height, you may want expert assistance. Wheel and Tire World offers high-quality lowering kits and professional installation. From cars to trucks, our team of experts can find the right gear for you, and even install it at a low price. When your vehicle comes off the installation board, we guarantee it will not only look slick, but also handle better with improved aerodynamics.

While tires require regular maintenance, their related parts, the wheel and rim, also need attention. Both the wheel and the rim are made of metal, and in turn are attached to the brake pads and suspension. Wheels are built to be durable, but even these metal parts can be damaged or simply wear down. If this happens, you’ll want the best team possible to repair your wheels. Wheel and Tire World has a crew of experts ready to inspect and repair your car’s wheels. If you’ve “curbed” your wheel by accidentally scraping it against a curb, we’ll assess and fix the damage quickly. If your rim has bent in on itself, if your wheel’s metal has corroded, or if you have other wheel-related problems or questions, our team is ready to help you find the best solution. Come by our shop for any and all wheel service.

Trucks are rugged, tough vehicles built to withstand off-road conditions and to tow large weight capacities. Sometimes, the base model of a truck may not be built for all of your trucking needs. With a lift kit, you can raise the ride height of your truck and improve its off-road performance. Trucks with higher ride height look even more rugged, and are a good choice if you want your truck to turn more heads. Wheel and Tire World offers lift kits for all compatible truck models. Our experienced crew will handle the installation quickly. We take pride in our work, which is why we guarantee your truck will look and ride much sturdier and beefier than before.

Safe driving, responsive steering and fast stopping are all put in jeopardy if problems creep in and suspension and steering parts loosen or corrode. Your car is in the best hands with us here at Wheel and Tire World. We'll make sure that we take the problem off your hands and fix it in no time.